Suicide Pool




Suicide Pool book cover

There is always a touch of truth behind every legend. A glimmer of sadness that lives on in the minds the people who were touched so deeply by the tragedy that it is never truly forgotten. The fear and sorrow outlive all those affected. The suicide pool is one such legend that still claims the lives of the broken hearted.

Logan Lupus becomes involved in the investigation of his lost love Jamie’s suicide, but was it really a suicide? The deeper he dives into the mysterious Suicide Pool legend, the higher the body count climbs and the more convinced he is that there is more to the story. The more he is certain that the legend is hiding a mad man’s murder spree.

Who is next to fall victim to the legend? The heartbroken twin sister, the mourning widow of a fallen brother or Logan himself? Chasing a legend isn’t easy, but running from a madman is even harder.